Violeta is a well-known Bosnian company, specialized in the production and distribution of products for personal and environment care. With its 14 branches distributed throughout Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia, it is a strongly rooted reality in the territory but, at the same time, projected on international markets.

According to an increasingly global development, Violeta has dedicated itself to improving the performance and efficiency of its warehouses, highlighting two major requirements for the production plant in Bosnia:

  • Reduce the number of people working in the company's warehouses, and, therefore, the risk of accidents;
  • Economize and optimise logistics and goods storage processes.

In order to achieve these results, the company decided to rely on OCME's automatic solutions, to improve the performance of its warehouse and the working environment.

The answer given by OCME in order to meet the needs of the industrial lay-out was providing two Auriga high-precision LGV lift trucks

It is a solution designed to operate at up to 12 metres heights. It can manages picking and put-away operations of materials placed on pallets and it can handles the load on high intensity shelves with the use of Automha satellites. The storage process is constantly monitored, as the vehicle precisely tracks the presence of the material during the shuttle's movements and, with its self-centring forks, turns it thanks to a OCME patented system.

Another important advantage is the pallet runner system, which allows the picking of large densities pallets with a vertical lift that can reach racks of six levels.

LGV Auriga is able to automatically identify the other shuttles present in the warehouse and, by communicating with the Automha shuttle, it can pick up and deposit it on other racks or on different warehouse levels. Finally, in case of need to charge the battery, the machine automatically directs itself to the charging area.

There are many advantages offered by the automated solution proposed by OCME: the machine is active 24/7, while the operator doesn't have to do risky and repetitive actions.

This project started with the analysis of the problem, the study of the solution and the co-design by OCME and Violeta. Together, they combined their expertise in order to achieve the initial objective: improve the performance and efficiency of warehouses with automatic, agile and safe solutions.

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