In a plant based in Corydon (Indiana), Lucas Oil has installed our filling and secondary packaging solutions for its range of lubricants and additives for automotive applications.
Lucas Oil has chosen the Libra weight-bearing rotary filler, which offers high performance and efficiency levels.

The provision includes a divider insertion unit and Altair - wraparound cartoning machine, which can process different sizes of HDPE containers (5.25 ounces, 12 ounces and 16 ounces).

The entire line,including the conveyor that enters the machine, upstream of the machine features suction conveyors to prevent the empty containers falling.

The plant is unique because it allows users to process different containers in new sizes, including super slender shapes and containers featuring extremely small nozzles, all of which are always filled with the utmost precision and with all the OCME quality standards (standard deviation 0,8 g and accuracy 0,1 g / 1 liter).

The machine also allows extremely quick and easy size changeovers.


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