Libra Flex Rotary weight filler with linear motor technology

Libra Flex | © OCME

Filling machine to revolutionize the change over time! Standard changeparts are no longer needed thanks to new automatic change over. The new OCME filling machine born to revolutionize the format change-over concept: the combination of linear motor technology and the innovative flexible puck designed by OCME.

Libra Flex | © OCME
High flexibility
High filling accuracy
Quick changeover

product benefits

MID certification on weight of filled product

Metrical certification of the machine based on MID recommendation

Certified and sealed load cells

electronic load cells, without levers and overpressure air, inserted in sealed filling units, no maintenance required and individually controlled

Maximum performance thanks to the motorised nozzle

Motorized actuator for filling nozzle

processed products

PET bottles with body handling
PET bottles with body handling
HDPE bottles
HDPE bottles


Libra Flex, New Rotary weight filler with innovative linear motor technology, is a new system that allows to overcome the classic approach, intended as a replacement of stars, guides and supports for containers.

This flexible handling system where it is the puck to be conveyed inside the machine, this allows us to select the new recipe from HMI with a click and automatic centering according to selected recipe, automatic adjustment of infeed and outfeed.

The gripper fits perfectly the container shape.

All this translates into a drastic reduction in container size changeover time, as all you need to do is load the new recipe from the operator panel (one click!) and the machine is ready to run.

Libra ensures the highest filling accuracy thanks to its highly advanced electronics based on algorithms developed during 20 years of application.
The machine is MID certified (metrological marking on the quantity of filled product).

Rotary weight filler with innovative linear motor technology

option & data sheet

Motorized nozzle

One of the latest innovations offered by OCME is a fully automatic filling nozzle with opening/closing controlled by a motor and dedicated drive: the shutter positions, speed, acceleration and deceleration can be configured on the HMI according to the handled product/size.

Stars, base columns and scales ring

Stars, base columns and scales ring in AISI 304

Spray-ball wash

Automatic system for internal cleaning with 2 sprayballs

Ejection device

Device to reject containers that are out of tollerance, including ejection conveyor.

Caps elevator

Cap elevator with conveyor

Parts in contact in AISI 316

Parts in contact with products made in AISI 316 

Automatic height adjustment

Automatic height adjustment for filling and capping heads during format changeover.

Product tank under pressure

Pressurised product tank within 0.4 bar, for high viscosity products, with electronic pressure adjustment device (using customer's compressed air system)

Top cover

Top cover of the machine, not walkable with structure AISI 304 and transparent panels

Drop aspiration on nozzles

Suction device with re-use of product in the next container (only for mineral oils).

Centralised lubrication for capper

Centralised manual lubrication of the capping unit

Automatic lubrication

Automatic centralized lubrication with pump with programmable cycle from operator interface (only for fixed part of the machine)

Metrical certification

Metrical certification of the machine based on MID 2004/22/CE 


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